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About Me

Welcome to POB fellow bingers! I am Siddhi, a certificated pastry chef from Lavonne Academy of Baking Science and Pastry Arts,Bangalore. I love making, tasting and clicking desserts and cakes.Academically, I am a qualified architect and have completed my MBA in marketing.Even though it is baking that has been my forte, I've learned the power of capturing beautiful visuals which brings a creative outlook on food. I am here to share my passion for baking and love for food photography.​

About The Name

Desserts are something most people love and I doubtlessly go by the saying 'Dessert doesn't go to the stomach, it goes to the heart'. A small bite just like a pinch can make one want to binge the whole portion or a piece. Also 'pinch' and 'binge' are an oxymoron which makes it sound catchy.

Personally, in my life I have always remembered desserts in any meal, be it mini jelly tarts from a local cafe or Darsaan (honey noodles with vanilla ice-cream) from a well known Chinese restaurant or a tiramisu from California Pizza Kitchen. I feel desserts make a lot of difference to a meal ( at least for me ) just like a 'pinch' of salt does to any main meal. A little makes a lot of difference to the final taste.

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